Study in USA: Clark University Scholarships

Study in USA: Clark University Scholarships

The fully-funded undergraduate scholarships at Clark University for international students are the Clark University Scholarships 2022-2023. The scholarship program covers $15,000 to $25,000 annually for four years. It is subject to academic standards being met for renewal.

Clark University was established in 1887 to be the first all-graduate college in the United States. We have come a long ways in the years that have passed, but one thing remains constant: Our commitment towards meaningful education that leads us to positive change in our community and around the world.

Level of study: Undergraduate

Host Institution: Clark University

Study in: Massachusetts, USA

Courses Available: The University offers a range of eligible bachelor’s programs

Program Period: Four Years

Deadline: November 15, 2021/January 1, 2022

Clark University Scholarships Benefit

The Clark Global Scholarship Program provides the following benefits to the recipient:

  • You will be eligible for a scholarship of $15,000- $25,000 per annum if you are accepted to the Global Scholars Program. This is subject to your academic performance and renewal.
  • You may be eligible to receive up to $5,000 additional in financial aid if your financial need exceeds the award amount of Global Scholars.

Clark Global Scholarship Program Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria are required to be eligible for the Clark Global Scholarship Program:

  • English is the required language
  • Eligible Countries: All countries around the world
  • You must be a first year applicant, not a transfer student, and have attended school abroad for at least four years to be eligible. Clark will also consider international students who are studying in the United States.
  • Additionally, you should be able to demonstrate leadership potential in your community as well as the world and have a commitment to making a positive difference.
  • Good academic performance is essential.
  • Eligibility for scholarships is determined by your academic achievements (the ones you indicate on your admission application), and not your family’s need. International students may still be eligible for scholarships, but they must show that they can afford a substantial portion of their education. Students who want to be considered for either the Presidential LEEP Scholarship, or the Global Scholars Program are eligible.

Clark University Scholarships Application Process

Visit the official website to learn more about Clark Global Scholarship Program.

Official Website:

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